Greetings Songs

Popular songs and finger plays

Table Songs


At our Day care centre we believe in providing healthy and suitable food for children. When planning our meals we take care to provide a balance between different types of food, including lots of natural ingredients.

The varied lunch menu is prepared freshly for the children every day. It is important that the children enjoy a salad, main course and dessert!

Naturally, we respect any individual agreements made with parents.

The current menu is displayed for parents on a notice board.

We are always available for a personal discussion with you. We look forward to an excellent partnership with you and your family.

Pedagogic approach

Our daycare approach is characterized by positive and reliable relationships, adults setting an example, a secure and stimulating environment, child-centred educational activities, learning from life, as well as preventive measures and early help with any problems. An essential element of our pedagogic approach is the active participation of the children in everything that happens.

Our care staff speak a variety of languages, however we communicate with the children in English and High German. We are open to other cultures and different family structures.

Our pedagogic approach includes:

  • Early music education: The combination of music, language and movement contributes to the child’s all-round development.
  • Bilingualism: The children hear English and German spoken from the start, and this becomes a part of their lives.
  • Project work: Children learn to “work” on a topic within a timeframe that they can understand.
  • Development reports: We provide reports on each child’s development based on selected observations.
  • Physical education: It is very important for children to know, use and expand their abilities to perform different types of movement.
  • Learning circle: Children are taught in an age-appropriate manner during carefully measured time periods.